Last Fitting of the Year

We are working our way through the whole house for this particular customer and we weren’t due to start the curtains until the 4th Jan.  However, the girls have worked so hard in the run up to Christmas that I was able to bring this project forward last week. There are two sets, this pair are full length bagged machine made triple pleats with four widths in total.  

The fabric is Villa Nova Seville colour Marzipan. I was worried that the curtains would look too plain at first, but when they were finally hung and dressed they looked very sophisticated and classy. The customer is delighted that they looked so stunning and that she has two pairs of curtains for Christmas that she didn’t expect!  

They are hanging from a 35mm wooden pole from Cameron Fuller in gold over white with peardrop finials.  

French Door Curtains

This is a close up of one of the  plain handmade tiebacks. You can also see the nice straight folds of the curtains which were dressed and left to hang in my workroom for four days to set the folds.  

Close-up of Tieback and the Folds of the Curtain

 The reason I have posted these pictures is just to show how good machine made curtains can look when they are dressed properly.   

Close-up of Six Inch Triple Pleats and Peardrop Finial

This pair of curtains have seven widths in total. The left curtain has four widths as we have a larger stack back on this side. The right hand curtain has three widths. The customer wanted the whole wall curtained.  I have made the pleats as near to the same size as possible on all four curtains but the spaces vary by approx 25mm.   

Larger Asymetrical Curtains over Folding Doors

We have five more romans in the same fabric to make in the new year with bonded blackout interlining. In fact we are going to be doing the whole house in this fabric. I will post pictures as the work goes through the workroom.

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