Today’s Top Tip!

Dressing any handmade headed curtain can be a nightmare if there is not a definite pattern to follow down the curtain that you can form the folds to. I had a light bulb moment one day that makes dressing a curtain very quick and easy.

Once we have put the head of the curtain in with buckrum and handsewn the lining secure. We  then mark the pleats and spaces in with pins.

The next stage is to fold the hem of the curtain back on itself towards the top. Right side to right side.

The curtain head on the table with the hem folded up on top of it.

 Find the middle of your pleat and put a pin into the hem at exactly the same postion.

The pleat and space labelled.

You can see in this picture which is the pleat and which is the space. I have clearly marked the centre of the pleat but on the hem line.

Once you have sewn  your pleats into place and hung the curtain for dressing it is then really easy. Line up the middle of your pleat with the pin in the hem line to create perfectly lined up folds.  Then bandage as normal.  It’s a real time saver.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Top Tip!

  1. Wow what a great idea..wish I’d read this sooner…I struggled this week with double-sided curtains the face of which is VN Splendid (chenelle) nightmare:(

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