New Curtain Workroom Sample

Our New Sample

 We needed a new sales aid  to show the quality of our work. I decided that this would be a good opportunity for our newest team member to show how much she had learned on her course work. I asked her to make an interlined curtain sample with contrast lining but with a slight twist on traditional curtain headings.  

Cartridge pleat with button

 The first heading is a cartridge pleat pressed flat at bottom with a contrast button which causes the top of the pleat to come forward . I think this gives a smart and sophisticated look to a curtain.  

Butterfly Pleat

This is my take on a butterfly pleat. She stitched just  the centre two inches of the five inch buckram so the top and bottom of the triple pleat flutes out a bit like a butterfly. The pleat is stab stitched in the centre to secure it and we added a mock frayed tassel as a flourish. The pinhook still goes into the back of the pleat quite easily so it still hangs well on the curtain hook.   

A Europleat

 This is called a Europleat in the USA. I’m not quite sure what we call it here but it is a double pleat which is only stitched down the first two inches from the top of the buckrum and then stab stitched at the top to secure it.  I really like this pleat it is very contemporary.  

Europleat close up

 Here is a side view of the europleat. It is only stitched two inches from the top of the buckram.  You can also see the long lean appearance of the triple pleat.  

Triple Pleat

 The last one is a traditional triple pleat but we tried to make it a bit more sleek and modern. It has been made in the traditional way but is stab stitched at the top,  middle and bottom to keep all three wings together.  

Hem Mitre with Contrast Piping

We used a contrast lining to complement the colours of the main Villa Nova fabric. This picture shows the hem mitre and a contrast piping insetrted between the leading edge turning and lining. Just a little detail that can make all the difference.  

Contrast Lining and Piping

 A close up picture gives a clearer view of how attractive the contrast lining and piping is.  

Sample finished and ready for inspection

 Here is the new sample finished and ready to take out on client consultations to demonstrate the quality and feel of a well made interlined curtain.

7 thoughts on “New Curtain Workroom Sample

  1. Hi Penny!

    I really enjoyed this blog post and discovering your blog. It seems you and I have the same taste in blog styles as my blog is the same design as yours from WordPress!

    Look forward to more reading when I get a chance. 🙂

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