Drapery and Design Professional

I have just had my second article published in the wonderful Drapery and Design Professional magazine which is really exciting. The American soft furnishing industry is so much better organised than ours in the UK and I always look forward to the arrival of this mag. You can download a copy of my article here, it shows how to make these lovely cushions.

Pintuck samples in Villa Nova Seville

I don’t talk about cushions very often on this blog but they are one of my secret passions.  I enjoy planning them, cutting them out, piping them and making them. You can  create something really special from relatively small pieces of fabric in a suprisingly short amount of time and it’s terrific fun.

Pintuck pattern cushion in Henry Bertrand silk

Here are some examples of  other cushions I have made in the last few years.

Pintucked cushion in James Hare Silk

Silk satin circular cushion

Villa Nova chenille cushions with tassels

Silk satin and velvet cushion group

Union Jack from Cath Kitson spot with grossgrain ribbon

James Hare silk dupion smocked circular cushion

James Hare silk dupion cushion with Hallis Hudson bead trimming

Pair of cushions in Harlequin Lucido plain and Celeste

James Hare silks and Villa Nova Renaissance fabric cushion group

Sanderson velvet stripe with handsewn cord trim

Harlequin Twinkle Toes and James Hare silk Dupion with Troynorth beads

9 thoughts on “Cushions

  1. love the flip flop pillow. cute idea. I wish I had time to use my
    talents. have a second job and work to much .
    Your blog was interesting..thanks for the tip. Had another thought while reading your blog on tricky seam joining .. not
    that this matters…but a way to fix also could be a ribbon or
    bias strip to hide the uneven pattern. I am sure you have already thought of this. 🙂

  2. These cushions are lovely, I like making cushions this hasinspired me. I will try to subscribe to the mag as well, it looks very good.
    many thanks

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