Christmas Cushions

The period running up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the Denton Drapes workroom as we work hard to deliver beautiful new curtains to our lovely clients. However for a little light relief we decided to put together a Christmas cushion display.  This guide shows how we went about it.

First we cut a pattern for the tree applique

Pattern for the Tree

We gathered together fabric for the cushion itself, for each element to be applied and some beads and bobbles for decoration.

Materials for the cushion

All these shapes were bonded onto the base fabric with pieces of wonderweb to hold them in place before stitching began





We then took the front of the cushion to the machine. we used a decorative zig-zag stitch and a metallic gold thread making sure the stitches were close together.

At the machine

Carefully we followed the outline of the Christmas tree, trunk, pot and star.

Ready for decoration

Once we had completed the outline of the applique it was time to decorate the rest of the tree.

Decorations ready

We used a selection of beads, buttons and bobbles which we sewed on by hand randomly across the tree.

Decorating the tree

With the front panel finished we added the back and  zip. A nice plump cushion pad finishes the job.

Our Christmas Tree cushion

We always have crackers at Christmas so we thought a Cracker Cushion would be a good idea. We used a beautiful silver silk satin remnant with a contrasting striped velvet fabric to create the body of the cracker.

Cracker Fabric

We measured around a bolster cushion to get the width of the satin and length of the cushion adding 30cms for the ends of the cracker

Contrast in place

The striped centre panel is approximately one third of the full width of the silver fabric. This was then top-stitched onto the satin by machine. Putting right sides together we sewed a small seam along the length of the cracker to create a tube.

The seam

We did not allow any seam allowance on the circumference of the bolster so that when the seam is sewn the tube will fit snugly and give the cushion a plump appearance.

Sewing the bows

All we did then was to insert the bolster into the tube and tie an organza ribbon at each end to match the striped velvet.

The bow

And there we have our Christmas cracker!

A Christmas Cracker

We had a lot of fun that day playing with trimmings and fabrics

Play time

We even made a little cushion with a star

A Christmas star

Three Christmas cushions

A few liitle touches and there’s our Christmas display

We’ve had a busy year at Denton Drapes and I haven’t posted as many blogs as I would have liked. I promise to make a New Year resolution to do better.

Until then on behalf of the whole Denton Drapes team I would like to wish each and every one of you a peaceful and happy Christmas season and a healthy and prosperous year in 2012



Merry Xmas from Denton Drapes

12 thoughts on “Christmas Cushions

  1. They are so pretty Penny….I hope you all had fun being so creative. Did you use a special machine needle with the metallic thread? I tried to use some a while ago but it kept breaking even though I used a needle for metallics. You obviously have the knack.

  2. Hi Dentondrapes,
    Speaking of which, don’t disregard decorative drapery hardware in your home planning. There are a lot of options and materials that can go with everything that you have thought out. There’s often something interesting for any room I’m working on among the different types of finials and rings.
    I look forward to your next post

  3. I’m a sucker for buying remnants of beautiful fabrics, and just store them away. One day I’ll get them out and ‘play’ with them.

  4. Great project for Christmas.
    I have a question for anyone who makes bedspreads. How do you deal with the excess fabric at the corners when the is a foot to the bed?

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