Denton Drapes on TV

There is a lot to be said for TV makeover programmes because they get people thinking about home furnishing and design. I love watching the professionals work through the design process and enjoy thinking about how I would approach each commission. But then I cringe as I watch them rush around installing the project without the care and attention that beautiful designs deserve and I find myself shouting at the TV in frustration.

Me cutting the horizontal stripe material

So I had mixed feelings when one Friday last summer we received a call from a TV production company asking if Denton Drapes would be interested in taking part in an episode of 60 Minute Makeover, which is broadcast at 2pm every day on ITV.

The cream voile

Deserving people are nominated by their friends to have three or four rooms remodelled by a top designer and redecorated by a team of tradesmen in under an hour.

Jan working on the check curtains

The project was taking place in nearby Luton eleven days later and would be led by John Amabile, the Scottish interior designer. The fabric would be supplied but we would have to provide the rest of the materials and labour free of charge.

Check cushion being piped

After a chat with the team and a check on the work scheduled for the week we decided it would be worth doing for the experience and for the fun of knowing some of our work would be on the telly.

Close up of the eyelets going into the check fabric

The fabrics, which were donated by Harlequin, were promised for the Monday but predictably they didn’t arrive until Wednesday leaving us just two days to make them up before the courier collected them on Friday ready for installation the next week.

Eyeletting the horizontal stripe

Thankfully there were no flaws in the fabric as three of the workroom team worked non-stop to meet the deadline.

The voiles in the eyelet machine

The project involved two pairs of double width curtains in a check called Harlequin 8539 Indulgence Weave with steel eyelets; and another pair in a horizontal stripe called Harlequin Amaranta 6337 with antique brass eyelets;  also a pair of cream voile drapes in Harlequin Bali Designer Sheer with eyelets; and a number of matching scatter cushions.

Close up of the check curtains

Once complete and hanging in the workroom they looked pretty good and we received an email on the Monday to say they had arrived and that the production team were pleased with them. For the last nine months we have been waiting to see how the dreaded installation stage treated our lovely curtains.

The check curtains ready to go

We did receive an email a couple of days after the filming telling us that the lucky nominee was delighted with the project but we have been anxious to see how everything looks when the programme is finally aired. As contributors to the programme we get a credit at the end and on the show’s website. We are also allowed to use the ‘As Seen on 60 Minute Makeover’ logo

The cream voile drapes

It was all a bit of fun but not something we would want to make a habit of. Denton Drapes’ workrooms are usually fully occupied making soft furnishings for our own design customers and trade clients. However it is nice to think that some of our work has been shown on the TV.

Job Done! (Pauline, Jan, Me and Catherine)

Final Word:

The programme aired today. I was so relieved to see the curtains looking good. If you can see ITV Player you can watch the show here for the next month. Look out for the namecheck at 40.53

5 thoughts on “Denton Drapes on TV

  1. Wonderful job to the Denton Drapes team. In the U.S. we have Extreme Makeover Home Edition that is aired once a week. I have been a part of their team and the work is busy, busy, busy. So nice to see the U.K has a similar show.

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