The First #DDTeam Post: Edna Our Workroom Co-Ordinator

We thought it would be fun to share a little bit of background about our fab team here at Denton Drapes…we always like to put a face to a name and we hope that our customers, associates and social media followers will enjoy finding out a bit more about the people who make Denton Drapes the successful business it is today.

Each month we’ll share a new staff profile across our social media platforms and here on the blog using the hashtag #DDTeam…we hope you enjoy…

Edna Ayres – Workroom Co-Ordinator

Edan Ayres

Our lovely Edna – Workroom Co-Ordinator 

Edna joined the Denton Drapes team in 2011 after a career in textiles.

She left school at 16 and went to work for Aquascutum in the Bletchley factory starting off in the sewing machine training school. She worked there for 10 years.

After the factory was closed the joined the curtain making team at John Lewis Milton Keynes. This is where she learnt how to make handmade curtain and soft furnishings and she worked there for 23 years until John Lewis closed all of their own workrooms.

This was very good for the Denton Drapes team as she joined us in 2011 with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Today Edna is my right hand lady. She looks after the workroom for me, managing the work schedule so we know how full we are at any one time. Edna also writes all the worksheets and records how long everything takes to make.

She liaises with customers for me if I am out and about as well as going out to see customers to measure. She also makes many of the curtains and blinds that are produced by hand in our workrooms.

I could not do without her.

Edna loves gardening, walking, drawing and painting, sewing, knitting, cooking and especially Christmas is her favourite time of the year.

She always has a project on the go at home at the moment she is stitching together a cardigan she recently knitted.

A little known fact about Edna is that she used to take Karate lessons and achieved her Yellow belt!

Edna at work

Edna in the Denton Drapes workroom. 


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