How to Sew a Brass Ring onto the Rod Pocket of a Roman Blind Using a Sewing Machine…

I posted some photos on my social media channels last week showing how at Denton Drapes we sew our brass rings on with a sewing machine to the rod pockets of our Roman blinds.

There was quite a bit of interest on the posts and so in response we filmed this short video showing excatly how we do it.
Here it is and I hope that some of you find it useful!

For those who would prefer written instructions – here they are too:

How to sew a brass ring onto the rod pocket of a Roman blind, using your sewing machine…

  1. Using a domestic machine (ours is a Memory Craft 3500 Janome) firstly you need to drop the feed dogs. Take away the extension table from the free arm, and find the feed dogs button (usually on the back of your machine) move the button from left to right to drop the feed dogs. Some machines don’t have this button and you’ll need to purchase a plate to cover the feed dogs manually instead.
  2. Put the extension table back onto the free arm.
  3. Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch (on our machine this is number 11). The needle should be to the left.
  4. Put the needle down into the work to the left, about 1/4 inch away from the fold, and then pop the ring in underneath the foot.
  5. Drop the presser foot.
  6. On our machine when we do a zigzag stitch it does 6 locking stitches at the start, so do your 6 locking stitches (there may be a button to press) and then start your zigzag stitches.
  7. When you’ve finished your zigzag stitches, ensure your needle is on the left hand side. Press your locking stitch button again to do 6 more locking stitches.
  8. Take the presser foot up, take the work out, cut the threads and then tie them off for extra strength and then trim off the excess thread.
Ian Mankin Ticking Stripe - Roman Blind, with brass rings sewn on using a machine.

Ian Mankin Ticking Stripe – Roman Blind, with brass rings sewn on using a machine.

Happy sewing lovely people!



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