How To Sew A Free Motion Embroidery Easter Cushion #DDCraft Tutorial

How To Make a 'Happy Easter' Cushion by Denton Drapes

You will need:

  • Main fabric for cushion front and back
  • Co-ordinating scrap fabrics for applique pieces
  • Bondaweb
  • Piping cord
  • Zipping
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine with drop feed dog function
  • Dark grey sewing thread
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Feather cushion pad

Step 1
Cut two 50cms x 50cms squares in the main fabric for the cushion front and back.
Make a template in paper of the bunny shapes and lettering, arrange the templates to your desired placement and so they fit onto the cushion front. (Spot the deliberate mistake in the picture – please ensure you place your letters the right way round so that you can see the full effect of your design!)



Step 2
Iron Bondaweb to the wrong side of the fabric remnants.


Step 3
Pin the bunny to the right side of the chosen fabric and cut out.


Step 4
Do the same with the letter templates.


Step 5
Decide on the shape you would like the grass background to be. Press Bondaweb to the wrong side of the fabric remnant to be used and cut out the shape required.
Remove the backing paper from the Bondaweb, place wrong side down onto the cushion front and press.


Step 6
Drop the feed dogs on your domestic sewing machine and add the free motion embroidery foot (it is sometimes called a darning foot) reduce the stitch length to 0.
(Refer to your owners sewing machine manual for more advice on this).
We have used a dark grey sewing thread. It is a good idea to test your free motion stitching technique out on some scrap pieces before beginning stitching the cushion front. You can find lots of tutorials on You Tube on this technique (search: Free Motion Embroidery Tutorial).
Stitch around the edge of the fabric approximately 3 mm from the edge a couple of times. It does not have to be perfectly straight. The idea is to add an outline that adds definition. If your lines are wobbly this adds to the character!
It helps to think of it as drawing with the needle of the machine, like you would with a pen and paper.


Step 7
Remove the Bondaweb from the back of the first bunny. Position into place and press.


Step 8
Stitch around the edge of the first bunny twice.


Step 9
Remove the Bondaweb from the second bunny. Position into place and press down
Stitch around this bunny twice. Do not be too concerned about keeping the stitching lines straight and even. The more uneven the lines the better!


Step 10
Add a couple of white circles for the bunny rabbits’ tails and press down.


Step 11
Stitch around the edges. Add some texture with some zig zag stitches around the edges.


Step 12
With a pencil lightly draw in the bunnies’ whiskers.


Step 13
Sew along the pencil lines to give the impression of whiskers.


Step 14
Remove the Bondaweb from the backs of the letters and arrange until you are happy with their position. Be mindful that the letters are not too high or too low on the cushion front and that the words to do disappear over the curve once the feather pad has been inserted.


Step 15
Press all the letters down making sure that you do not move them when pressing.


Step 16
Machine around the edges of each letter twice.


Step 17
Add some flourishes as required. I found a fabric with some small flowers. I added some Bondaweb to the back of the fabric cut the flowers out and pressed them to the cushion front to add some pretty detailing.


Step 18
Add stems and leaves as required with the sewing machine.


Step 19
The cushion front is now complete!
Pipe around the edge of the finished front with a contrasting fabric. You can omit this step if you’d prefer a non-piped edge or are limited on time.


Step 20
Sew the front and back pieces together at the bottom edge 5cms in from each end and leave a gap in the middle. Insert the zip into the bottom edge of the cushion.


Step 21
Stitch the remaining three sides together. Trim the corners, turn the cushion right sides out.


Step 22
Insert a 50cms feather cushion pad and zip up. Your cushion is now complete!


Do let us know if you have a go at this tutorial – we love you see your sewing and crafts – be sure to tag us @dentondrapes and use the hashtag #DDCraft

Happy sewing lovely people and wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Penny x

Happy Easter DD 2017

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